This research have the interpretators and interpretating in the al- sham country during the eight of al-higra century. It devided to two research
The first research : talked the names of interpritators and their life who they live in this century the main of their works are arranged according
the deaths in two requirement.
First: who was born and live and deid in al- sham country.
Second: one who was born in another country not al- sham country and then who transferred to it and died in it.
The second research: talked the prompts the interpretators prompts , it devided into tree requirements requirement the al-tafasirs which reached tous and printed it.
Requirement no.two:
Al-tafasir which are reached tous and still manuscript and their places.
Requirement no.three al-tafasirs which are mentioned it and they didn’t reached to us after losted if it damished it or it burning and then Reference and sources.