Any researcher is confined to the versification of the Holy Quran and is unable to go astray from serving its aims sticking to its knowledge , needing its bless, working hard truing to study what it contains of the incapacitation of the style and stupendous meanings . The Ottoman script is one of the Quran lores and I want to participate in studying this activity as others have done before trying to mix between the Ottoman script and the normal script dealing with it from the language point of view and the term point of view and what is related to their basics.
Then I started mentioning the reason of the origination of the Ottoman script beginning from the reason of gathering the Holy Quran during the reign of the caliph Uthman and showing the way of gathering and its characteristics and the number of duplicated Qurans .
Furthermore , I showed the different points of view between the Ottoman script and the normal script . I ended my research showing the conviction of following the Ottoman script behovingly and permissibly showing which is beter .