The Islamic sociality education depends in its programs, directions, and building its identity and bases on the holly Koran and prophet's line of conduct with Al Mustafa's guidance (god peace upon him) with his followers and their stand from the subject of education in order to prepare the man for life and doomsday Where the details judgment took from Islamic judgments, even the methods of caring and educating children were leaned by man by his nature, but the wisdom legislator has established and limited the conditions that the education depend on in all time and place.
So this search included four chapters, the first one specified for methodical frame, where as the second one dealt with the nature of social education in Islamic method. And third chapter handled the styles of social education in Islam, while fourth one assured on the role establishments social education's role in Islam.
So there is no objection to add all what to lead to achieve the purpose, the fixed is the principle, and how to achieve it, can benefit from what is reached by the previous with adding the products of our experience and experiments of our time, as long as this not clash with Islamic principles.