Praise be of the almighty (Allah) and peace and prayer be on his messenger Mohammad (PBUH).
The greet Islam in every time and place faced a big challenge and with houndred of the almighty god has the ability to removed it and defeated it and able to control it , the Islamic today faced the new challenge and it is completely different to another challenges. It is not challenge between Islam and its enemies from the unbelieves the enemy of the religion it is the challenge among Muslims themselves.
Without any doubt the man has desiring to make the dialog and to quarrelsome. And has the desire to convinced as the almighty Allah said (( man is ever more quarrelsome than anything )) alkahif.
This research titled (( the dialog and its effect in the peacefully to coexist among Muslims )) to explain the disease and the drugs till the Islamic society has been fixed and include the peace and peaceful , the Muslims tooked there role with the mercy of the almighty Allah in order to giade the whole universal bye the ability of Allah.