This research received great attention with controversary sayings about it as al – Qasimi said in his interprctation (is anarration for auother art of the Jews aberration and astray after taking away the God's book and the book in their hand when they followed what the evil ones gave out against the power of solomon of magic and blaspheme , and that he gained that power becanse he knows the magic in a ddition to apostasy and in fidelity for reasons they invented upon him , but the lord innocences him , and instead the God inheres the blaspheme on those evils who are misleading the minds and awareness by teaching magic via attributing the effectivness to others then the Glory God and keeping away from the right path while wanting it crookedness.
We note in this research many long sayings and that was our iutention to make the reader be awareness all what have been cited about this story and also that thin research has collected the matters cited in the past and at the present which concerning this story. this research is not only reviewing the narrations as itis seen from the first glance but also intended to the study , investigate , showing its correctnss , its strength and its acceptance mindly in such away that we cite the sayiny on the one hand and then the answer about it on the other hand. I postpond the prefernce of some problems to the conclusion part in order to make the scholar's openion clear and saccessive. The reason that led me to choose and write this Subject is the occurance of an extensively different openions concerning the many detials of the story. So this research emphesies on " Harut and Marut story " which many narrations are mentiond about , and because some of then narrations are odd , I didn't mention them. I hope that I present agood work for God religion , and if
there is some thiny wrony I hope God forgivness.