As Knowen that the Cross Wars even if it is different in their aims , it was very good chance for the meeting between Islamic east and European west During the Middle ages era , in the different Civil and war fields , after that many results of these wars are seemed , the focus one is developing of fighting and their ways that is because the military conflict between the two sides during the fighting battles , the building Castle in the east considered from the defence ways So this building of Castle (Athileeth)(615 A.H/1218A.D)considered as aresults of the Cross war in general and the fifth Cross war praticully which Jerusalem King leading it (the Cross Jan Dibreen(615-618A.H/1218-1221A.D)to invade Egypt.
Athileeth Castle having its importance and its renown from its Geographic state and its big Castle which make it one of the most important of the Palestinian airport and mak it the only way to arrive the goods from the west to the Cross in Al sham country during the last period of the Cross war , being at coatstal road which attaching between Hyfa and Kaisaria.
When the final agreemant has been Fixad above the building of Athileeth Castle , this mission give to Al-Dawiya institution , this institution complete the building during the year(615A.H/1218A.D) and finished the mission at this year it self after that it become the main center of Al-Dawiya mission during its last days , they remain tell Al Mamloki era , when Al-Dawiya seen in the Athileeth Castle that Alshami coast become emty from the Cross , they escape by the road sea , then Islamic People entered it forcibly at sixth of shahban of ( 690A.h , the fourth of August 1291 A.D ) after that it rimain for aperiod it continue about seventy five years, and the Cross lost every thing anthe Coast sea , and then All the Arabic –Islamic earths from Al-sham country had been purify from the available of the Cross after that AlSultan Al-Ashraf Khalil came back to Cairo , and they make the ceremonies of the party as arejoicing to this great happiness and victory