The present study aims at highlighting the concept of intersubjectivity. This subject is closely related to epistemology which tends to have a new conception of the world and to reestablish the structure of the world in a comprehensive way.
According to Merleau Ponty's point of view in his study of the Philosophy of phenomenology is based on the idea of the return of the essential to the existence. It concentrates on a concept which emphasizes that the understanding of Men and things could not be achieved only by its (realistic) presentation. Therefore, his theories come as a direct reaction to ontological and epistemological problems left by the previous philosophies. We try to put Merteau Ponty in front of his modern ideas. In fact the intersubjectivity and the theory of the body and conception are mere a try to restructure the world after its destruction by the ideas of idealistic philosophies which are thrown, in a complete isolation. But the Merleau Ponty's cry of the ego caused the end of idealism by human existence through the subjective experience of the living world.