This paper shed a light on a word in the Holy Quran ((Nasa – yansa)) ((forget – forgotten)) and the style of the Holy Quran used it insult. Allah insult people who forget Him in the first life and give up their orders and left His book aside. They did not make it a jude in their life. Allah regards those who forget Him as hypocrites.
This paper consists of abstract , five sections and conclusion. The abstract deals with "AL-Nessyan" in its dictionary meaning. The first section shed a light on the impossibility of Allah's forgotten. The second section points on the prophets " peace be upon them " and "AL-Nessyan". The third section deals with the forms of AL-Nessyan. The fourth section shed a light on the cause and effect of AL-nessyan. The fifth section points as the guide of Allah to the prophet Mohammad 'peace be upon Him' and this nation to the remedy of AL-Nessyan.