I selected on Sheikh Ahmed Alserhende - God's mercy
who is one showed God created and to address to defend the book of God and Sunna Nabih deviations, but for tyranny that prevailed Kingdom of Islam and the Nation of Islam in India at the hands belong to the unjust tyrant Creative
"Jalal Aldeen Akbar" and scrapped the religion which came from when he called himself, "Divine religion" after the riots nation India all.
I divided the research into two chapters.
Chapter I: the era of Sheikh Alserhende
It consists of four researches :
Study I: King largest, and fight for Islam.
Study II: bad scientists and support of the king Jalal Aldeen Akbar.
Study III: divine religion.
Study IV: King's book at the largest West and its authors.
Chapter II: It consists of three researches:
Study I: Sheikh Alserhende
Study II: style Sheikh, advocacy and how to reply to the King ( Jalal Aldeen Akbar)
Study III: Arrest of Conclusion research, and Sources margins.