Follower of Anthropomorphism in Islam

The research deals with the views of Followers of Anthropomorphism in Islam who compared Allah with man . these Followers can not be called a sect because of their different affliution . they depended on the explicit interpretation of some quranic verses that refer to some features of Allah like ( hearing , sight , speech , hand , foot … ect ) . some of them went too fur to say that Allah has a body .

It seems that these opinions came as a result of the influences exercized by pre – Islamic religions especially Judaism and Christianity as well as the ancient Persian religions . Famous among the followers of Anthropomorphism were Muqatel bin Suleiman and Mohamed bin Karam in addition to Hisham bin Al-Hakam and Hisham bin Salim Al-Jaoaliqi . Also famous among followers of tautology were Mudhar , Kahmas , and alhujaimi .
The aim of followers of anthropomorphism was to conter Al-Jahamia , followers Jaham bin Safwan who avoided the divine features . But they went to extremes , and fell in anthropomorphism . In turn Muslim scholars faced the followers of anthropomorphism until their opinions came to an end .