The research deal with the prophet's name that mention in the holy Quran by analysis and linguistic study even the names are Arabic, foreign or arabization in the way of lingual and dictionary analysis and reveal the meaning of every name and it's connection , harmony and relationship between the live and role als. The condition of every prophet consider the context that the name mention in it in order to help us to get the meaning of every name using the basis and scientific sources helping us to reveal to semantic and connection of every name with the nominee. The example of the interpretation books (collection of Quran rules , Al Kurtabi , the medicine keies , Alrazy , writing Ibn Ashoor) also there are lingual victionary like (Linguistic standard , Ibin fars , Arab tong , Ibn Mandoor) The research a serous attempt to give a new vision in semantic lesson and one part of holly Quran pronunciation in its good expression , election of words.