It aims to concentrate the light on the in ported date from the Islamic history include Abasic control after the occupation of Baghdad in ( 656-676A.H.–1258-1277A.C) which was represent symbol of religion for all the Islamic world . this prestige started to dieout because the foreign forces captured on Baghdad as Boihi and Salajk So , some prices tried to change its head to their country the first try by Ahmad bin Tolon the governor of Egypt Who recall the Abassian prince Al- Motamed to Egypt But his try were failure . the second try by Mohammed Al AKShed Which failed So .
After the Mongolian extension in thirteen century , seventh century for Hijra and the occupy of the Islamic lands , They occupied Baghdad and kill the Abassic prince Ak Mstasm One person from the Abassic home who flee from the Mongolian slaughter went to the Sham land Settled at the Arab of Kafaja , During that the Aubran prince Al malek Al Naser was heared which was the governor of Demishicous and halap . So he sent demand to go to Sham to give him the government But the Mongolian attack Failed that So the Sultan ktiz tried to give it the Emam Abo Al Abass but his killed was Failed the matter . these events continuos until the sultan Bebars controlled on the government so , he sent to Abe Al Abass invited him to Egypt when he reached the Sultan was known him by the witnesses then , the head of judges decided him and his nick named Al Mstnser ballah . And because he killed near of Al Anbar by Al Mongolian he did not continuos as Duke where Abu Al Kasim flee From the battle and Went to Sham then to Egypt the Sultan Bebars gave him the government and his hick name was Bemr Allah for the prestige of the Abassian governor at the sultan they lost every thing except its hame and this refaced on the relation Ship of the Abassian with the Islamic countries which was supported by some and rejected by other so it stayed in Egypt until the Uthmanic state occupied Egypt in (922A.H-1516A.C ).