Al-Dawlae Family regards as One of the scientific Family in Mosul. It has a great role in religious sciences such as speech , judgement and teaching , This family Was famous not only in Mosul, but also in graq at that time . In Al-Auobi era they are in charge of speech , judgement and teaching in Damascus city . In Al-Aumawe Mosque in Damascus the speech depend on their members one than another for more than half century Besides they established schools and it has been called Al-Dawlae schools .
This family came from A-Dawleia Village Which is part of Mosul in the 6th and 7th A.H. / the 2 rd and the 3rd A.C. . It is situated in the north of Mosul about (35K). Between Singar and Mosul . Thya Al-Deen Al-Dawlae and Jamal Al-Deen Al-Dawlae regarded as their Famous members