The current paper entitled 'Visions and Dreams in the Islamic Thought' tackles ahighly significant point. The Holy Quran cites many verses tackling this subject. Many are reported from our prophet (P.b.u.h.) in many prophetic traditions un covering many mysteries surrounding dreams and visions. The early moslims have also paid agreat attention to visions and their interpretations. Our main concern in this paper is also analyze the Quranic verses discussing this subject, and mention the different views of moslim jurisprudents concerning visions and dreams . The paper is divided in to an introduction and many sections. it include a definition of 'vision and dream' , showing the reality of vision in the Holy Quran and prophetic tradition . Viewpoints of moslim philosophers about both dreams and visions are also illustrated along with jurisprudents ' opinions about them. The paper concludes with our prophet's own vision, and the main conclusions of the paper.