Praise be to Allah and pray and peace be upon the messenger of Allah and upon his relatives and companions and those who follow him.
After that, the magnificent scientists have written too much about faith in God Be Glorified and have mentioned its origins and its annulments. And they have elaborated in mentioning this untiltheir source have varied and their references have increased. And thy have served the issue of faith in God Be Glorified a service which cannot be rewarded on it but only be entering heaven. Then came after them those who are concerned with the mentioning of the traces and the fruits of tat faith, which is obliged on the faithful slave and which appear on the senses of the slaves and their appeared and hidden doings. It is not enough in faith to leave its origins and its annulments, but it must get acquaintance with what is produced from that faith from trace and fruit, and harry to those traces and fruits and behave with it to achieve all the faith in God Be Glorified in ourselves and our hearts. Then, this paper comes as a contribution in clarifying the traces of faith in the life of the Muslim slave, and wishing from God Be glorified the straightforward in the saying and in the doing and peace be upon our head Mohammed and his relatives and companions.