He Handle the Caliphate from the time the Era of the Abasian state during (132-656A.H./749-1258A.D. )thirty seven Caliphs in Baghdad and the Role of Al-Caliph Al- Thaher with the command mant of the Almighty during the 623 A.H./1226 A.D. . His Role was the thirty five one , but the disking wish among them with many thing and has the best one when he Holed Al-Caliph , he became famous during this date or time .
So al the Islamic History has Encouragement him such as the people whom lived during the his period and the executives of him , and some of them has to show some of them said that he liven Al-Omareen approach , and some them said that if they said that he did not came after Al-Caliph Omar bin Abad Al-Aziz more justice than him , if the trust of whom said . He was famous and characterized by the fear of god and asceticism and taking cure if people , that is has making him nearer to them and beloved by them with his piety mercy , other Wise he tool numbers of very important Executives , and Economic of Executives which come for the Sake of his people in spite of the short of his Caliphate which is no more the Nine months and fourteen days . Al-Amam Al-Thahaby said about his:(( His was the best Caliph who combined the fear and summed to his God and Justice and Al-Ihisan to his people)) , So We decide or choose the study of his life and the mean of executives who took it very well.