The study tackled the study of adding the effects of behavior and contracts to a time other than the time of the contract. There was a sign of the rule of postponing the effects of the behavior to the future time, because it is important in people's lives to be related to dealing and handling the benefits among them. People are in the forbidden of false or corrupt transactions, and the work of the research on the presentation of the opinions of scholars and discuss and the most likely statement. The research included an introduction, two papers and a conclusion to the most important results. The first topic in the statement of the behavior of the taxpayers and related to the three demands: The first of them: in the disposition and types. And the second: in deferment and related terms. And the third: in the intention of adding the provision to the future time and conditions of addition. The second topic in the statement of types of addition in two demands: the first of them: in addition to time. And second: in addition to the person. And the statement of the provisions of all this within the branches of jurisprudence in the sections of jurisprudence known. The research was based on authentic sources of thought, as well as modern and contemporary sources..