Hajj is one of the greatest acts of worship to Allah -- Exalted is He, and it is the fifth pillar of Islam. This study aims to investigate one of the most severe prohibitions and restrictions which, through the breaking thereof, nullifies a person's Ihram during Hajj: sexual intercourse. Its severity is borne out of agreement among jurists that if it takes place before the standing on ’Arafat, it nullifies the whole Hajj. Despite this unanimity, a number of very late scholars have expressed their disagreement with this ruling and its textual evidences, by doing so going against a jurisprudencial consensus on the matter.
This study aims to highlight, discuss, and respond to these claims in a scientific manner, relying on evidence and proof. It will also highlight relevant jurisprudencial issues and traditions related to the ruling at hand due to its great improtance, all in a comparative Fiqh style