My research summary which its title is the concept of the Necessarily of Happening in the (Alashaira) understanding- logic study:-
The logicians made to Allah almighty laws that belongs to the necessarily of happening, though their intellectual evidence, their intention in this is purify Allah Almighty from the shortage and the neediness, and to prove his oneness, I clarified the opinion of (Alashaira) namely of these laws, I compared it with my opinion and the other logicians opinions, I analyze them in a scientific manner with out partiality nor fanaticism, also I talked about the meaning of existence, and the necessity, and I mentioned the - Necessarily of Happening in their opinion, and no one of existents can share the Necessarily of Happening and the characteristic of Necessity with Allah al mighty, also I clarified their opinions about these expressions and whether these expressions are only titular expressions and have no existence in the subject ?or not.
And I clarified the (Alashaira) opinion and their rational evidences about the impossibility of nonexistence or extinction to Allah all mighty, and he is a necessity of happening from all aspects, I clarified what is the meaning of he is a necessity of happening from all aspects? And this superior ego, glory to Allah has his features that his ego is required which agreed with their evidences, as they prove some of these features through the explanation, and they refused other features though the uncertainty of embodiment or through the likening to the creator
I have mentioned the (Almitazila) and the philosophers' opinions in all these laws, as well as in the issue of the features in order to make the reader see the disagreement points between them and the (Alashaira).
And I clarified in a special subject the ( Alsalaf) opinion about the issue of purification , likening and the embodiment, and Allah almighty no one from the existence can be similar to him in his ego or in his features, he is the matchless and he is the everlasting, he begets not ,nor is he begotten and none is like him, after that I mentioned what I have finally concluded in this subject in my study, then I mentioned the sources and references titles that I depended on, finally I mentioned the summary of the research in Arabic and English languages.