Provisions related to building in Islamic jurisprudence
Dr. Thamer Majed Abdulaziz
Dr. Mahmoud Khalaf Hammadi
These are the provisions of the most important elements of living on this earth, which is the shelter where the person is protected by the free summer and cold winter, the house is a great blessing of God Yes, it can not imagine that the homeless man lives so we chose this subject is marked by (provisions related to the construction in Islamic jurisprudence) Because it is necessary for the Muslim to be informed of his religion in the shelter in which he lives and the most important judgments he has. Building: Put something on something that is intended to be proven, and this includes the parties, the experts, the built-up role of milk and the wage
And the dome, the origin of the building is permissible, which is an adornment forbidden to the prohibition, the construction worker to abide by honesty in his work, and the construction in the construction of a prize in the company, is desirable in the building and called the secretary, the receipt of the building be vacated between him and the construction and handing over the key, reviving the dead is permissible and most likely It is with the permission of the Imam, it is not permissible to build with its impurity mixture,.