Faith in Angels is a corner of Pillar,s faith in Almighty, one who beliewho believe in Almighty must believe in Angels that is mentioned Holy in Qur,an and byprophet Mohammed (peace be upon him).
The People,s ideologies differed to Prove the existence of the Angels as follow People who follow the Prophets believe in Angels and onesewho not follow the Prophets differ if they are Angels or not Spiritualists prove the existence of the Angles by dectors and the Philosophers prove by brain.
As you know the Angels have many surnames and these represent the types of angels, their features and their fiction for example the faithful spirit, the Angels bearing the Throne and the Surnames that represent their features as the ranged rank and the surnames represent their fiction as the Angels, who keep the person.
What must you know is that the Angles are creatures as any creatures that they have life but their Lives are different . They do not eat or drink Like us and Almighty know about them also their Lives will end but their end differ from the Man and jinns Either they do not Punish because they haven,tSins or they go to Paradise without any punishment.
As they are Malacca they have n,t any guilt completely as it prove in holy Quran but the people with weak spirit doubt about Malacca, but they have no any proof or guide