his research is concerned with a distinguished scientific and social figure, namely the great Sheikh and the well-known reformer, the mark of "Bashir al-Saqal"; the former mufti of Mosul al-Hadbaa (may Allah have mercy on him). He was a great writer, poet, scholar, preacher, thinker and reformer.
He was famous for his Islamic call to the way of "Jamal al-Din al-Afghani" and his student "Muhammad Abdo", influenced by Sheikh "Rashid al-Khatib" al-Mosuli.
The study examined the rhetorical arts in his poetry and his sermons; a thorough study of what he has: a high literary style; selects and chooses words with high eloquence without costing thinking of their synonyms which are full of meanings and the most beautiful and the most profound, deep and influential In the hearts of the recipients, and in the finest images of the statement, the most magnificent of the virtues of verbal and moral improvements in a beautiful style and neat arrangement, in a charming language that takes the hearts and fascinates them.