Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be on the Messengers Muhammad and his family and his companions benevolent , this research addresses the talk about newspapers revealed by God Almighty mentioned in the Holy Book , as well as mentioned by the Messenger of Allah And toxicity ( Newspapers Abraham and Moses through the Quran and Sunnnah) and provided talking about newspapers Ibrahim it the oldest and either cause an optional writing on the subject and very search it – and as is well known that God has sent down books and newspapers on the prophets and messengers did not find the collection of all what was stated For those newspapers thoroughly loved doing this , and what they are many – also will be remembered later – I chose them Newspapers Abraham and Moses to show what was in those papers from the teachings and guidance and judgment , and they most of the others had been received speech received speech in which and also found a lot of difference – of spinor delay And so on – in the texts that show what those newspapers and I wanted to collect all that has been said to show and explain the image of that difference and to pull the bigger picture for them Vatherna in this research shed light on what was in the newspapers Abraham and Moses of threads left her there in the world Ask God to help and guide reached last prayer Ahamdallah Lord of the World . .