The state of (Bani Rasul) which was appeared in Yemen during the period of (626-855 H) (1230-1451 A.C.) , considered one of the states that played a great role in the events at that time, as well it was connected in relations with different power in The Arabian Island and out of it, one of that powers was Mamluk state in Egypt, therefore we should study the political history of Yemen in the age of the state of (Bani Rasul) from aside and its political relations with the Mamluk state from the other side.
The historical period which was Yemen passed during the role of the state of (Bani Rasul) considered one of the most important historical periods that witnessed during its age many development in different political social, economic and cultural levels, especially the scientific and Urban aspects. The state of (Rasul) abled to Unify the whole Yemen lands after its depression, besides combined other parts of the Arabian Island under its role that expanded from Mecca to Hadramaut. The political background dates back to the Ayubid period, that the princes of this family took over important leadership and administrative positions, since their entrance with the army of Saif Al-Eslam king Tagtakeen in the year 1183A.C/ 579H, so the Rasulic took over administrative positions continued till the collapse of the Ayyubid state so they in depended by rolling Yemen, By the establishment of the Mamluk state in Egypt they became followers to it that made Rasulid state connected with a good relations with Mamluk state and that’s we shall explain it in the search board.