The imam Abo Dawood is Sulaiman Bin Alashaath Alsjstani is one of famous Imams born in in 202 A.H , dead on 275 A.D, He studied under hid masters of Sheikhs and have tens of scholars, the Hadiths that Imam Abu-Dawood had discussed about and call it (denounced hadith), in his book "Alsunan", their number is eleven, or tale that one hadith is denounced hadith, since it was one narrator, the sum then become twelve , the study discusses ten Hadith with critical study.
The denounced Hadith as for terminologist names the individuality in general; some of them compare it with Irregular Hadith. Some of them called it weak individualizing , proponderant opinion for trustee , and Allah may know.
The imam Abo Dawood named on named on many kind of hadiths, so it called denounced hadith of disagreement of trustee hadith. And individuality of hadith paused as scholar speechs , called on the weak individuality of Hadith, the denounced hadith called on unknown men. The denounced hadith called on increased pronounce didn't follow it, called on the left individuality of hadith, and the accused leaved narrator.
The imam abu Dawood agreed on the individuality some times, disagreed sometimes to be a private for denounced, like a the hadith he said on hadith that have unknown narrator of denounced hadith, or his tales on increasing the trustee for trusted, and Allah may know.