The current research aims at clarifying the concept of submissiveness in the Holy Quran, an objective - semantic study, the semantic study showed that this word used metaphorically submissiveness and humbleness, and we can involving the verb the meaning of: humility and tranquility with a transitive verb and the two prepositions (Lam) and (Ila), and involving the verb the meanings of calmness, sincerity and acceptance and so on through the Quranic context and this is the ancestors habit, Sufi added many conventional definitions according to its degrees and its ranks, the objective study showed that submissiveness is one of the sound heart features related to the full faith persons such as scholars, and it described them with four features: heart fear, patience, performing prayer and spending for the sake of God, and emphasized it in two positions, absolute acceptance to the Quran and pilgrimage and Allah has promised them with reward here and in the hereafter to guide them to the right path and to be delighted with an absolute cheerfulness and assured them to enter paradise. .