islamic law has given great importance to the market, and it deals with it. The laws, rules and regulations that are followed by everyone who wants to trade in it have been imposed without prejudice or harm to anyone. And to the importance of this subject in the lives of people, and in order to know the provisions and controls governing the market I liked to address this important subject of research and study, I called my research: (the market and the controls of trafficking in Islamic law). My research has been divided into: Introduction, two papers, and a conclusion.
1. Islamic law has paid great attention to the market as one of the most important sources of living and living in halal, and securing the requirements of man and all that is needed.
2. The observance of these controls and their application to curb the greed of traders, and not to exploit the need of people, and attention to quality and quality of goods, and non-monopoly to become owners of huge funds at the expense of the poor people.
3. Adherence to the provisions of the Islamic Sharia provisions and teachings that harm the market players, which leads to fighting rivalry, and the prevalence of selfishness and love of self, instead of the deals based on love and familiarity of advice, to build a stable society based on interdependence, and provide a good life for each Members.