Islamic law views with great concern the need to preserve people's money and the non-infringement or waste it came a set of provisions Which would preserve this money, whether by the owners or in the case of loss and loss It is respected and preserved, and therefore it has a separate door under the title of the shot in which judgments based the evidence is legitimate, and the shot is money or something that a man finds in A public place and ignorant of the owner, and this money may be of great value or a small value .
Among the provisions of the shot is the need to announce the shot after finding several miles to access to the real owner and return it to him, and this process is called the definition of the shot , As we live today in the era of technological and technological development and the emergence of means of communication between individuals and communities via the Internet and other communication technologies , this research came to highlight the possibility of employing modern means of communication in the definition and publicity of the shot In order to achieve a wider dissemination of this definition and thus access to the owner of this snapshot easily and easily through a presentation of the jurisprudential rules governing the definition of the shot and their compatibility with the process of employing these means.