The science of the islamic faith is the most honorable science and the highest. Because the honor of the science with honor known , and the status of the science is estimated people need it . And what happens to the owner of the use in the world and the hereafter, And the need of worshiper to know the doctrine above all need, And their necessity for him above all necessity, because there is no life of heart and no bliss and tranquility only to know the lord and the idol with his names , qualities and actions . and what he should and what he does , and it is with all that love to it than any other , and the pursuit of it Vkriha to him . The more a person knows his lord correctly , the more he will be more glorified and follow God's law and rulings, And more appreciative of other life.
And through these important point we chose a research entitled title ,(The doctrinal approach of Imam al-Nawawi).
For this science of the fundamental of religion and doctrines of Islam . And that by suthored book useful in it , and from those books book (Al- Nawawi purposes) as it was accepted by students of science and turn to it and save it , and fundamental in the science .And the status of this book supported by scientists to explaine and comment on his words .If this indicates something , it indicates the superiority of this book and its scientific value .It is a garden that contains flowers.