This investigator ( the chant of the semi signs in the holly book Al-Duran ) is cons is of introduction and two research ,in the introduction The investigator talk about the Arabic language which init the holly book was revealed and with it understood and reached to its meaning . So this research took the Quranic semi signs after it chanting the exatchant to reagh with it to the complete new picturt , Allah wants from this chant signs to show us some faces of this Quranic merical by the way of ponder on and investigator throw this signs .
In the first research , he talk about the semi chant in the holly book Duran ,this it derided into two orders ,the first ordered derined the understanding of the chant while the second ordered the definition the chantwhile the second ordered the definition the chant understanding ,while the second in vestigation having the took the termination , results and the list of sources and references