The present research aims to investigate the concept of anxiety and its relation with self- identity in the college of basic education .The sample consisted of (120 third and second year male and female students (60 ) second year students and anther (60) third year students .
The researcher depend on the descriptive research methodology because it suits the nature and aims of the research .The researcher has also depended on aready scale of anxiety prepared by ( Asiri -2007) .The scale consisted of to items . A scale of (50) items self-concept was also prepared .The reliability and credibility of the research were also ensured. The following statistical tools were used: ( pearson correlation factor – one item t-test – two independent items t-test ) .
The results showed the following :
Students have a high level of enxiety .
Students have a high level of positive self- identity .
There is no statistically significant relationship between the two variables of anxiety and the concept of self- identity .
On the basis of the results a number of recommendations and suggestions were provided .
(Preparing guidance programs to reduce psychological anxiety of the students that will help to increase their confidence ) .
( Making a study on anxiety and its relation with parents’ styles in the secondary stage ) .