The knowledge of the ruling on the narrator requires knowledge of the situation and the extent of the strength of his custody and his safety, and there is no doubt that the best Arif and the world of the affairs of the narrators is of their time and saw them and compare them and their relatives may be aware of something of their situation unless he saw others, so the quote is provided in the Koran, and on the other hand We see that the comparison may be a reason for competition and envy may be among them what requires adultery and rivalry, they are human beings and may have spoken in some cases of anger and for this the transfer of many scientists to respond to the words of peers in some and the lack of credit, because it may be the result of personal enmities And psychological reasons, and what was the right to refuse and not to accept So I choose to search in this topic to a statement in which the words of scientists, began the definition of peers in language and terminology, and then dealt with the opinion of those who say the words of cold peer with each other, indicating the reasons for this response, then. .