Accompaniment (Al-lzoom) is one of the connotations scholars used to proof the trueness of belief issues, which means that it’s something inseparable, whether it may include it or extract from it.
The subject of accompaniment has an old history in our Islamic religion. At first it appeared as a relation between the faith and deeds; wherever there’s a faith, there’s a good deed. Then the stage of linking faith with mind appeared in the era of “Mutazella” whom sanctified the mind and used it to judge on faith issues. Then the era of “Al-Ashayera Al-Matredeen” appeared whom made the text judge if the mind or the sanctified text can’t be reached, and the mind may follow the text. After that, an attitude appeared which made a link between faith and asceticism, a sect of people thought that indulging in desire and enjoying life is a contrary of complete faith; and the complete believer is who leave life desires and heads to Allah by his heart and soul; this group of people called “People of Tasawf”.
The balance according to criteria and rules of doctrines links the faith with other things and gives everything the right place.
This research include the subject of accompaniment concerning the issues told by scholars of foundation of religion, and taking some examples of this science to show this phenomena in inference, starting from definition, division, and going through some theology issues, then the conclusion and resources.