The research results summed up as follows:
1: intrigued scientists emerging issues and develop appropriate solutions, and not to leave the scene of the ignorant and the corrupt to spread immorality and corruption, to ward off evil and bringing interest, to keep the individual and society.
2: interpretation of temporary marriage when the Sunnis being married temporary, and its image: to marry a man a woman to order a limited If at the expiry time and signed the band is divorce with conditions considered in valid marriage of Crown witnesses and ... according to different Sunni schools, which is an invalid marriage, banned Prophet peace be upon him forever, but licenses at the time of the forced.
3: mut'ah marriage remains dissolved when the Shiites - the front - does not require them only the amount of dowry and the term without witnesses or guardian. See: the teachings of Islam: Costume, i: 1, stretch: Arts in Najaf, 1969.
4: the cancerns of Kurdish princes abaout relions maffers , and to ask about it in order to reach a legitimate solution.
5: a good relationship between the Kurds and the princes scientists, and this relationship is necessary between them in every time and place.
6: the existence of a handful of consistent in every age and place want to spread false fatwas corruption and false statements to get closer to those in power, governance and access to wealth and power.
7: the risice of altruism sensitive issues in society and left it especially aggravated if altruism by third parties want to distort Islam and undermine security and interference in internal affairs. It is no secret researcher and others that this problem exists and strongly. For all sides and in particular governmental and scientific take all legitimate means to prevent the spread to keep the religion and the homeland.