After this study to understand the faith heritage, we can record the most important results that concluding from this research are as follows:
1- The right and proper understanding of the faith heritage with all its differing views and ideas give us a wide range of tolerance and respect
the opinion and the other opinion.
2- This difference is not up to religious faith origins but it is a reality in the visions and ideas result from human thought, which is the nature of human and the fact that its composition.
3- tolerance is a real feature of the meaning of religion and the Islamic faith, intolerance or narrow in thinking results from the understanding of human and lacks of knowledge but is not the spirit of faith.
4- incompatibility in our Islamic history is not a default; rather it is a point of strength we have nothing but to understand it ,realize its hidden reasons and moreover to be indulged in these reasons without any hesitation.
5- we must change our understanding of Islamic history, and stay away from all views that do not see the truth, in addition to renewal writing of theology with the spirit of religious tolerance and the reality of our lives and era.