The present study deals with  Al-znburya mater- comparative
study deals with one of the grammatical issues which was the subject of
most famous grammatical debates in Arabic between the two great Imam
scholars of grammar ,sybawyh ,Imam of the Basrah school , and Alkesaey Imam of the Al-kufa school , and one of the seven famous reders
of the Holy Quran ,many false and untrue things ,which has no origin ,was
added with this debates ,this research sheds light on the truth of this issue
and the grammatical balance in the opinion of Al- Basrah school and
Al-kufa school and the story created for insulting sybawyh and made him
the study consists of an introduction , two sections and conclusion, The
introduction deals with the importance of the subject ,the first section
deals with the Imam sybawyh his name , incestors , growth, teachers
,students, his achievements ,and Imam Al-kesaey his name , ancestors ,
growth, teachers ,studeats, his achievements, and also talk about compete
between Al- Basrah school and Al-kufa school.
the second section deals with the differently matters and judge the
reality of the story available or net, and the research end with conclusion .T.