ISSN: 1812-125X

Keywords : the mouslem atitude from talks of sedition and fights

the mouslem atitude from talks of sedition and fights and the hour conditions in the light of modern life

yehya hussen ahmed

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2009, Volume 3, Issue 4, Pages 51-67

I have chosen an important aspect of the traditions of Prophet, Mohammed (Allah's blessing and peace be upon him), that is traditions of distresses in addition to the Muslim's attitude against such traditions.
I have found that researchers are widely and greatly interested in this type of traditions that deal with distresses, fierce battles and hour suddenness.
We are in the last time, so, distresses increased against this nation until the time became difficult upon Muslims throughout the Islamic world. Hence, Muslims must have a glimpse of hope that achieves the victory for their religion and honor as well as rebuilds their civilization in this world. For this reason, I have determined to answer among those stories from books of virtuous Sunna of the Prophet that promoted into acceptance level.